POD for the Seasons

Print on Demand for the Seasons!

POD or Print On Demand, is something that anyone can do. All you have to do is find the niche that you and your customers need and want. It is also a business that has so many outlets and avenues, as the POD arena is coming up with new ways to place your images or words on new products every day. Just like most industries, selling products by Print on Demand has it’s UPS and DOWNS! so let’s take a look at some things that can help you get through the year.

You’ll find that some parts of the year are better and more profitable than others times, and with this type of business  you carry low overhead, which makes it a very good business to start out with. Brick and Mortar businesses have to pay rent, electricity, staff , stock, supplies and more, so in the slow times they are stressiing to do this.

POD has little costs and cashflow is less of a worry for those in the POD business.
A POD seller will use the slow times of the year to build a strategy and marketing plan for the times when business is thriving, and work out which products you are going to promote, get designs in place and an advertising campaign  ready. Most sales come in clusters, one minute you don’t see a penny, and then suddenly you make a dozen or more sales. This is true whether you are a digital shop, or a walk in street level store.

Sales generally get better at end of the year, November through Christmas is where most people shop with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, on through to Christmas. After Christmas you can send your email list a post Christmas sale, or New Year Sale.

February come along with Valentine’s Day. Aim your advertising at men, because they will buy lots of different gifts for women in their lives, including jewelry and personal items.

Next on the holidays that matter list is Mother’s Day. Unlike Valentines everyone has a mother and a gift is required, no one can ignore this holiday. Whether she’s a Mother, or Wife who is a Mother, or even if you are a childless couple, your wife is still a Mother to your family pet, who also most likely cooks and cleans for the man in her life, just like Mom used to, she deserves a gift, so make her happy that you thought of her.

Here is a tip: Mother’s Day in the US and the UK are separated only by a couple of months, so set yourself up to be ready for both holidays! If you have global sales set up then there is more than one Mother’s Day you can promote for.

Father’s Day follows on to complete the action in the first half of the year, and is another significant holiday worth getting prepared for. Dad sometimes gets forgotten, but you are there to remind people to buy something for the man of the house. He deserves recognition too.

The summer is usually a slow selling period of the year, so try to be creative and inventive and look to find markets that suit the summer. Some suggestions would be weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc. are all a good summer niche.

Find and advertise to people that are engaged to be married, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms you might be part of. Products for vacations like beach towels, flip flops, sun glasses, bathing suits, or even notebooks, phone cases, with an all over print.

Are there some events you can focus on. Check the calendar and find something interesting coming up and make  something for it. Think outside of the box to help you create revenue in the slower times.

As mentioned earlier, the best and biggest time of the year are November and December, so think ahead and be ready and be sure to save some of that cash you are going to make, to help you get through the slower times of the year.

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